ConfiForms FAQ, Frequently asked questions

What is ConfiForms plugin and what is it for

ConfiForms is a plugin for Atlassian Enterprise WIKI, called Confluence - a fantastic software for team's collaboration. ConfiForms plugin extends the functionality of Confluence a bit and brings an easy way to configure online data forms for various business needs. Such as voting, various registration forms, inventory, surveys, bulletin boards, employee checklists, exit forms and much much more

Where is the data stored and how

The data is stored in the Confluence database. To be exact, as page property and is stored in XML format. As the data is not encrypted you can change it manually when having a direct access to the database. However we strongly encourage you not to do that, as it may damage the plugin logic and integrity.

I like your plugin, but I have a special 'business need'

Well, we understand that the world is not that simple, and you may have some special business case you want to solve, but the ConfiForms plugin misses 'just one bit'. We are here to help. Use the contact form below and explain your need. We will try our best to make it happen.

What happens with the data I have stored while evaluating your plugin and the plugin evaluation license has expired

The data you have stored, while using an evaluation version of ConfiForms plugin, is yours forever! You can export it at any time in different formats using the Admin UI, but you cannot change it. The plugin will continue to work in READ-ONLY mode. And you are welcome to purchase the license to continue to use and enjoy it in full functionality through Atlassian's Plugin Marketplace.

I love the ConfiForms Blueprint you provide, It has helped me to learn a lot about ConfiForms plugin, but I would like to disable it in LIVE system. Is it possible?

Yes, just go to 'Manage Add-ons' menu in your Confluence installation (you have to be a Confluence admin to do that), and find the ConfiForms plugin. Expand the plugin management pane and on the right you will see '37 of 37 modules enabled'. Expand those modules by clicking on a '+' sign and look for 'ConfiForms Recipes(confiforms-blueprint)' click 'Disable' button. Then look for 'ConfiForms Recipes(confiforms-create-by-sample-template)' and click 'Disable' button for this item as well. You can always enable it back when needed.

How the plugin is licensed?

ConfiForms plugin uses the licensing scheme advised by Atlassian. The price depends on the version of Confluence you use. There is no limit on number of forms created or amount of data stored.

Will the latest version of the plugin work on Confluence prior to 5.1?

In short, yes. But you need to disable the ConfiForms blueprint module first(see above on how to do it). However, at the moment we officially support Confluence 5.1 and later.

What happens with ConfiForms data when I upgrade Confluence installation

If you upgrade from Confluence 5.1 to some later version of Confluence (major version 5) you are safe. The data ConfiForms stores is kept as page property and will be migrated as part of the migration process. If you migrate from Confluence 5 to some 5.1+ version then we have even better news - ConfiForms plugin is fully supported on 5.1+ versions of Confluence and all the latest versions, patches and functions are available for you to use. Just upgrade the ConfiForms plugin when you are done with Confluence upgrade.

What happens with ConfiForms data when I export and import Confluence space

The data is stored as page metadata and is exported/imported together with page content.

ConfiForms plugin and the performance of your Confluence server

There are many things to consider when you try to understand the performance problems of your Confluence server. The best way to start is to look at Atlassian's documentation on tuning server and database performance.

ConfiForms plugin could be slow, especially when used in complex integration scenarios (IFTTT macro). As it relies on external services and fully dependent on their performance and availability.

Also, when an Aggregation macro (ConfiForms TableView Merger) is used to load data from various ConfiForms forms it also can be slower than rendering your 'normal' page. And this is expected, as the operation it performs requires some extra time (for forms configuration parsing, data loading and the aggregation itself)

Then ConfiForms is used withot IFTTT macro it is usually slow, especially with scenarios where forms have up to 20 fields and a number of rows stored does not exceed 2000.

The plugin works for forms with larger datasets, but forms Admin UI is not as responsive, Save and Edit operations take more time (especially when cross-data validation rules are set)

ConfiForms plugin could not replace JIRA for you

This is very important to understand. ConfiForms is not a replacement to JIRA or any other issue tracking system. However, it could be easily used as one.

The original purpose of ConfiForms plugin is to allow customers to store some structured data within Confluence. We strongly advice you try to avoid forms with 1000+ rows, or better put, to avoid pages with forms that have 1000+ rows (as you may have many forms on the same Confluence page) There is no limit on a number of forms you can create, and no limit on number of rows, but our tests show that the plugin works best then a number of rows is up to 2000 (per form).

I see an error message in Macro preview mode when trying to use TableView or ListView

There is a known problem with macro preview introduced in Confluence 5.4.4 and 5.5.x. The problem was fixed only in Confluence 5.6+. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do to fix it on ConfiForms side. So, if you happen to use mentioned version please consider upgrading to version 5.6. If you want to learn more about the issue - click here

Can I access ConfiForms data directly in the database

Well.. yes, but it is not a recommended approach. The preferred approach is to use publicly available component named "confiFormsStorage" which you can access from Confluence User Macros if needed.
However, if you still want to access and modify the ConfiForms data directly in the database it is also possible. See the tutorial about ConfiForms recovery and migration API here.

Why would I ever need to use ConfiForms recovery API?

In most cases you will not need it. We try hard to make ConfiForms as robust as possible. But the glitch could happen on a database level, or on a network side. And it is always feels safer when you know that there is an another way to access and restore the data if needed.

I want to see more examples

We are working very hard to make this happen. Stay tuned! Meanwhile take a look at our tutorials, make sure you have checked bundled blueprints or contact us directly to get help with implementing your business case using ConfiForms plugin

I have a question!!!

If you have not find an answer to the question you have regarding ConfiForms plugin please drop us a note and we will try to help you. Just fill in the form below.