ConfiForms Blueprints

We package ConfiForms Blueprints together with ConfiForms plugin (Confluence versions 5.2.3 and later). For older versions we do not provide blueprints (due to limits in blueprints architecture in earlier versions of Confluence) together with the plugin, but list them here for you to download.

Files are in Confluence storage format and in order to input them directly into Confluence you will need an additional plugin to work with raw storage format (plugin is provided by Atlassian and is free of charge: Confluence Source Editor)

How to install: Just copy the contents of each blueprint into the Source Code Editor And click Save.

  • Audit page

    How to use status and page ConfiForms Field definitions together to build up pages with statuses for auditing and content review

  • Bulletin Board

    Build simple bulletin board with ConfiForms ListView macro

  • Employee Exit Form

    Employee exit form with ListView macro and neat layout customizations

  • User registration to event

    Simple form to enable registration to some event

  • Privileged Access Control Audit

    Using ConfiForms TableView macro to build up the table of users who have privileged access to some resource. With enabled history

  • Products Page

    Products catalog and responsible persons (using ConfiForms TableView)

  • Software Inventory

    Software inventory management forms

  • Quick Poll

    Quick poll, using Radio groups type of ConfiForms Definition Field. Quick feedback form on the go.