Customize your ConfiForms Registration Control

ConfiForms Registration Control is a macro that enables data entries registrations for ConfiForms forms.

You can customise your form's registration control in many ways, changing it's labels, titles and texts.

But ConfiForms Registration Control can do something else, and you probably gonna love it.

Let's assume you have created a ConfiForms form for voting and you have done it on some page in your private Confluence space.

You do not want to give an access to this page to everyone, but still would like everyone to participate in the voting.

Start with creating a page in a shared space and add ConfiForms Registration Control macro to the page. And configure it to use the form from your private page.

You have to set:

  • "ConfiForms Form name" parameter to set to the name of your voting form
  • "Page name" to set to the name of the page where your voting form is defined
It respects the permissions and restrictions you have on the page where your voting ConfiForms Form is defined and the voting results are stored with your original page and are visible only to you. Here is the complete listing in Confluence storage format of the final page:

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