Creating a simple ConfiForms Form

In this tutorial we will create a simple form for keeping online registry of our office books, a bookshelf.

1. Start with creating a Confluence page and adding the ConfiForms Form macro. Do not change anything there, give only the name for your form.

2. Add form field definitions using ConfiForms Field Definition macro. These definitions needed to be placed inside the ConfiForms Form macro body

  • ConfiForms Field Definition of type text for Book Title and name it as 'bookTitle'
  • ConfiForms Field Definition of type text for Book Author and name it as 'bookAuthor'
  • ConfiForms Field Definition of type text for Book ISBN and name it as 'bookISBN'
  • ConfiForms Field Definition of type checkbox for Book availability name it as 'available'

For each field you can specify CSS if you wish and this will be applied on Form fields, but we skip it for now. You can play with it yourself, any valid CSS style could be applied.
In this the example we have specified an ISBN field to be 100px wide.

3. The next step would be to add a ConfiForms Form Registration Control. This is also added as a part of ConfiForms Form macro body.

You can overwrite the default labels and messages of the ConfiForms Form Registration Control, but we skip this also for now.

When ConfiForms Form Registration Control is added then basically the form is ready! Save the page and you will see 2 buttons next to each other: Register and ConfiForms Admin UI.

ConfiForms Admin UI button is a special button that allows you, as administrator of this form to see it's content and records details. This button is only visible to users who have edit rights on the page where this form is configured.

Register button allows you and your page visitors to enter new records, in our case, books.

And here is how the data entry form looks like:

And Confluence storage format for created ConfiForm looks like this:


Bookshelf DEMO

bookshelf BLOCK

text true bookTitle Title

text true bookAuthor Author

text bookISBN ISBN width:120px

checkbox true available Available