I love databases

In this tutorial you will learn how to use ConfiForms advanced feature to create relations between forms, just like in real database.

Let's configure a ConfiForms form to store only book authors. So the form will have only one ConfiForm FieldDefinition of type 'text' and name 'author'

And we create ConfiForms TableView to visually respresent the stored data

Something like this, when rendered...

On another page we will create a form with the following fields:

  • ConfiForms Field Definition of type text for Book Title and name it as 'bookTitle'
  • ConfiForms Field Definition of type text for Book ISBN and name it as 'bookISBN'
  • ConfiForms Field Definition of type Smart Dropdown for Book Author and name it as 'bookAuthor'.

For Smart Dropdown field you need to configure the 'relation'. Type into 'Page where the ConfiForm Form is defined' parameter the name of the page where your form with authors is stored. Parameters 'Form name' and 'Field name' will be pre-filled for you. Ensure the field name chosen is 'author' and check the 'Reference to values' field.

Hit 'Save' in macro editor and from now on your field references values stored in another form and is dynamically linked.

Here is the storage format for first form


text author Authors




authorsDB BLOCK false false


And the storage format for the second form with smart dropdown. Be aware that for smart dropdown it references a page with the defined form by page id, so you cannot copy-paste it as is. You have to change this number 1343493 to reference your page


text true bookTitle Title

[1343493|authorsDB|author|true] smartselect true bookAuthor Author

^[a-zA-Z0-9]*$ text bookISBN ISBN width:120px