Recovery and Migration API

Using Recovery UI is not very easy and requires much attention and knowledge about data structures and formats. Please be very careful, as it might damage your ConfiForms data

Here is how the recovery API initial form looks like

There are a number of steps in the procedure.

  • You will need to export you data in RAW format (JSON is returned).
  • Extract the XML from JSON (probably you will need to replace escaped \" with ")
  • use the following URL to access the Recovery API: http://CONFLUENCE_SERVEr/confluence/confiforms/recovery.action?pageId=PAGE_ID,
    parameter PAGE_ID is important, and it needs to be set to the Page Id where you want your data to be stored to (So, you will need to create a page beforehand).
    Then enter the "Form storage" in the format like this: formName:PAGE_ID, usually this page ID is the same as the "Page ID" parameter above.
    And then upload the prepared XML file.