Using ConfiForms's IFTTT macro to send SMS messages using another webservice

In this tutorial you will learn how to use ConfiForms's IFTTT macro to make dynamic HTTP requests to external services.

Here is what we will build.

The ConfiForms form with 2 fields:

  • Phone number field. Field name: number, Type: Text
  • Text field. Field name: text, Type: TextArea

Additionally we add IFTTT macro to this form

With the following configuration:

As you can see from the screenshot above, we ask IFTTT macro to make a HTTP request when entry get's created, we parametrize the URL with the data from ConfiForms. This means the params will be replaced by the values set by a user when filling in the form

In the example above, IFTTT macro does not have body and therefore the HTTP request made to external service is of type GET. IFTTT macro's HTTP handler supports also POST requests. The POST request will be made when a user specifies the body for IFTTT macro.

Now you have learnt how to make HTTP requests to another services with IFTTT macro. However, sometimes you just want to show some other page after the form has been submitted. There is a simpler way to do that, just by teaching Registration control to make a "redirect after save". See the screenshot below.

Just the same form configuration

But with some tweaks to Registration Control

Also, setting the params dynamically, based on user's input in the form