Using ConfiForms ListView

In recipe Creating a simple form we have demonstrated how you can create a simple form for storing your books data using ConfiForms plugin for Confluence.

Here is how you can show the stored content on a different Confluence page using the ConfiForms ListView macro.

1. Create a new page in Confluence and add the ConfiForms ListView macro

In macro settings panel set the following parameters to reference the form correctly:

  • ConfiForms Form name parameter set to the name of the form defined in the step 1 of the "Creating a simple form" tutorial
  • Page name parameter set to the page name (could reference pages in other spaces) where the form is defined.

2. In ConfiForms ListView macro preview you can see what fields are available and could be referenced and showed.

Just click Insert for now in macro editor...

Add ConfiForms Field macros to the body of the ConfiForms ListView macro to reference fields and place them on the page the way you want. The page will be rendered the same way you see it in the page editor.

Optionally, to enable edit mode (also inline edit mode), you can define ConfiForms Edit Controls macro. This is done also, by adding it to the body of ConfiForms ListView macro.

And here is how the rendered page looks like:

Here is the complete listing of the created page in storage format.


title ( author )

read: read