Playing with ConfiForms TableView

Again, we will use our beloved, 'Creating a simple form' tutorial as a basis.

Now we demonstrate how to use ConfiForms TableView macro. As the name states, the macro is for showing ConfiForms data in table format

Create a new Confluence page and add ConfiForms TableView macro on it.

Go to macro editor and find the following parameters, that you will need to adjust:

  • "ConfiForms Form name" parameter to set to the name of the bookshelf form
  • "Page name" to set to the name of the page where your bookshelf form is defined

Drop a 'ConfiForms Field' macro with name parameter set to 'bookTitle' to reference the field 'Book Title' in Bookshelf form

Save the page and you that's it. As easy as that! Now you have a table, which consist of one column, showing book titles.

Optionally, to enable edit mode (also inline edit mode), you can define ConfiForms Edit Controls macro, by adding it to the body of ConfiForms TableView macro.

Productivity hint! You can see all available form fields in macro editor for ConfiForms TableView macro.

And the storage format for what we have done.


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